We are Nascent Knowledge Trove (NKT);

We are all about influence through Content creation, Data & Analytics. We go beyond creating Websites, Mobile Apps, Digital Visuals and online marketing.

Digital Marketing

We craft effective plans to activate brands & causes on social media, search engine and other influential online platforms.

Web & Mobile Apps

we develop highly interactive and responsive website and web applications.

Analytics & Data

For every penny and effort you invest in your campaigns and online presence you need to know the return on your investment. We create, record, measure and evaluate all touch points.

Content Creation

Fresh and relevant content that is easily available is the golden goose of true influence of audiences/users/clients. We create visually, emotionally compelling content that embodies and expresses your organization/brand personality, communicates your values & distinguishes you from competition.

We are Nascent Knowledge Trove!

We are social, lets engage. Let's Build your organization/Brand/Cause!

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Chief Executive Officer

Through strategy & design, we craft experiences that help brands stand out.

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Web & Mobile Apps
Web & Mobile Apps Partner

We develop web & mobile apps  with a focus on building amazing user experiences.

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Social Media
Social Media Developer

Our in-depth knowledge of the digital environment can give your brand a clear competitive edge.

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Analytics Support

Before they buy from you, they need to find you.How to make search engines work for you.

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Our Clients Portfolio!

Our Clients

  • Sanaa Hive
  • Mint Glint Media
  • nssf

More than 200,000 websites hosted

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Our Services

We are Content, Data & Analytics centric. We build indelible digital foots steps, we mine for you treasured troves of data and facts. We give your brand names visual amplification on all online platforms.

Who we are

We are Tincture!

We are Nascent Knowledge Trove (NKT), we influence through Content, Data & Analytics. We go beyond creating Websites, Mobile Apps, Visuals Production and crafting Social Media Strategist.

Our Specialty is building reputable and influential causes and brands across the online space! Its about raising you to the next level of advertising and where you can aptly converse with your markets/Audience. We enable organizations, brands and causes to find clarity and realise their potential by combining; big data, analytics, intelligent thinking with stimulating design that connects the organisation, brand and causes to its target group/audience.

The TINCTURE Strategy

Social Media Strategy

We literally provide brands and causes with powerful marketing and social campaign tools to cut through the online clutter and connect with customers and target groups. Backed by an innovative team of content creators, data scientists, strategists, researchers, UX and UI designers, illustrators and developers, we take bold steps towards creating engaging branding and web experiences that invigorate brands.

Our Core Values

Innovation Extraordinaire

Tincture is built on the premise of creative thought great innovations begin as simple and sometimes, crazy ideas.

Core Values
Probity & Integrity

We endeavor to observe high morals, independence and objectivity in our solution at TINCTURE.

Core Values
Accountability & Transparency

We take responsibility for both our successes and our failures, we own the good & the bad, and so do our partners.

Team Work

We are committed to meaningful, honest, and rigorous communication with our partners and our peers.


how to build your website Online Today?

Responsive and Highly Interactive Web sites & Mobile Apps
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Arka web hosting before you upload host and domain
  • Point One is many web sites still in their infancy various versionshave evolved over the years.
  • Point Two is desktop publishing software like include.
  • Point Three is alteration in some form by humou or randomised
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